A modular Approach

Upsilon's solutions provide many values added, choose those that suit you the most!


The orders module enables asset or relationship managers to simulate and execute orders.

Orders are set up for 1 security at the time for many portfolios or for a single portfolio with multiple securities. The simulation phase displays the effect of the order after execution for pre-trade compliancy. MiFID information, cash position in total cash and cash in trade currency, position towards contractual portfolio profile (sector, currency, product type, region). Possible breaches are clearly marked in order to aid the user to easily compose the bulk order.

Once created it enters the order book. After 4-eyes approval, it is digitally passed on to the trader who can further execute the order. Actual execution is done, passing on the order to the broker through fix or flat file interface to reduce human error. If partial execution occurs the system is capable to intelligently repartition the executed part and re-order the amount due.


The client module supports all client communication and contains all legal and commercial prospect and client information.

Contacts are easily registered within, satisfaction is easily measured and efficient relationship management can occur. The mailing module allows for easy communication with regard to investment opportunities or legal reporting for portfolios and receipts. Each client exists of a 'natural person', 'organization', 'client' and 'portfolio' files. Each file contains the exact legal information needed to manage client's administration and comply with legal and operational requirements.


The fund module is developed specially for fund order execution, compliant with legal requirements.

It takes into account the 'Net Asset Value' of the fund, number of shares and securities within. It combines definable UCITS rules with information of security emmittents and the investment profile to simulate orders and fund status.

Orders are simulated for closed and open ended funds, to rebalance the cash flow, follow an own defined index or benchmark or to execute stock picking orders. Once the order is simulated and the pre-trade checks are passed it is sent on to the order book. After 4-eyes approval, the trader can further execute the order. Actual execution is done, passing on the order to the broker through fix or flat file interface to reduce human error.


The back office module allows for own custody or omnibus accounting. It is a combination of screens to execute all types of portfolio transactions with efficiency in mind. The first approach is the execution of a single type of transaction for all portfolios at once. The second is a single screen on which all transactions are booked for a single portfolio.

Upon input many automated actions take place to reduce error and speed up input:

The system automatically calculates: execution and custody fees, different types of tax and third party costs involved with each transaction. These are suggested to the user who takes the role of controller.

As second relevant reporting information like: average buy prices are updated and average exchange rates are calculated.

Thirdly the transactions are automatically booked on the company's general accounting scheme on its own class 1 to 9 type of accounts.

If the transaction has effect on the return rate of the portfoio these as well will be recalculated and updated in order to give the most correct information.


The risk module makes use of Upsilon's stand-alone database, full of up to date information to calculate and model possible investment positions and future outcomes. It shows the current repartition of the portfolio based upon: currency, product type, sector, security risk and region. It uses specific security data and transactional information together with basic forms of "Monte Carlo" simulation to give insight in statistical outcomes based upon investments. This within limits of variables presented to the calculation model.

If requested the modeling can happen in the cloud, where special (FPGA) processors enable you to quickly simulate more complex models. To take into account a maximum of variables presented.


The portfolio module exists of a special designed user interface. It is Upsilon's way to provide our satisfied clients with the end result of everything that happened in the back-end.

It intelligently displays the client's portfolios. Individual accounts or multi-custody consolidated reports are shown. With easy to use drill down functionality, relevant extra security information and transactional or return information is shown. Responsive tables allow for easy visualization of contribution per sector, currency, region, product type and risk.

Whether digital (tablet) or on paper, it is the most efficient way of explaining your investment strategy in various ways to your clients.